Paleo Diet In A Nutshell


Seattle Times

At its core, the Paleo diet is devoid of all processed foods, refined sugars and dairy. In theory, it is supposed to mirror the way Stone Age hunter-gatherers ate. The diet has been around for a while but has gained popularity over the last several years. And it doesn’t seem to be headed for extinction anytime soon.

Nate Furlong, of New Hudson, Mich., has been following a Paleo diet for three years. Furlong, 29, a clinical-exercise physiologist, discovered the Paleo way of eating while working in a cardiologist office. (He’s also a personal trainer and Paleo nutrition expert.)

“I was … helping clients with some nutrition recommendations according to normal USDA standards: low fat, kind of low protein and higher in carbohydrates,” Furlong said. “I saw them lose some weight, but not get off meds, so I started searching other options and Paleo was talked about favorably.”


Ever Been To An Herb And Garden Faire?

Heirloom Seed Project Credits: A Weekend at the Herb and Garden Faire

You may not be able to find your way to the Herb and Garden Faire in Lancaster PA. But don't let that discourage your from looking for one closer to you.

You can learn so much from the gardners and even the other visitors that it will be well worth the effort.

After a day of watching, smelling, and tasting all things herbal… and seeing how simple setting up a an herb garden can be for yourself, you will have plenty of ideas to spice up any meal.


What started out as a small plant has grown over the years into what may be the largest event of this type in the northeast. There’s always an impressive lineup of nurseries, herb growers, and plant lovers offering an array of rare, heirloom, and unusual, plants for sale. From vegetables to fruits, and herbs to flowers, if there is a plant that you’re looking for chances are good that you can pick it up at the Herb & Garden Faire. Credits: A Weekend at the Herb and Garden Faire